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The Tourist Killer by FCEtier

The Tourist Killer by FCEtier

My Review:

As with any good suspenseful thriller, you are put smack dab right in to the action in The Tourist Killer.  And, there are many players in the game that require watching for.  Once in a while, we step back in time to learn more about Claudia.  It's a major part in who she is now and what she does for a living.

As you go through each chapter, pay special attention to the major players of the game.  Each has a specific role.  There's no fluff or extra stuff.  It seems everything is intentional and each piece of the puzzle requires full attention.  The people, the locations, the actions...all have significance in The Tourist Killer.

Almost everything comes full circle by the end of this book and there was even a moment when my jaw dropped, and I didn't think the one character would say what he did.  This book includes conspiracy theories of not only various governments, but corporations as well. All in all it is a very elaborate story that fans of thrillers, politics, conspiracies, assassins and the like, will surely enjoy!


In his first novel, FCEtier delves into the mindset of a masters candidate and the events that take the student on a career path to the top of a lonely profession. We meet “The Shooter” as a mission is about to conclude and quickly become acquainted with a conflicted individual seeking resolution to inner conflicts as a phenomenal career enters its twilight years. Then another assignment comes up almost immediately.

How does an individual become a target? Who makes the life-ending decision? The cast includes potential victims, security staffs, and several eccentric characters including an aging hippie who speaks only in song lyrics and a former FBI agent with diverse interests. The role of Julian F. Thibaut, the enigmatic billionaire member of the one percent of the one percenters, changes with the winds and adds doubt to the already unstable status quo.

As the action proceeds on several fronts, the shooter battles conscience, hired killers, and burn-out while juggling relationships and attempts at normalcy. In this fast-paced story with political overtones, FCEtier takes readers on a thrilling ride while addressing personal, business, and governmental ethics.
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"The shooter watched through the Zeiss scope as Gail Oppenheimer’s knees buckled and she dropped onto the lifeless body of her attacker. It had been a clean kill. One shot, not a moment late, and the life of a serial killer had ended."
"Claudia ignored the question and continued, “It’s all about belief systems of both individuals and collections of individuals — cultures. Do you think that governments that use capital punishment are guilty of murder? Do you agree that regardless of the efficiency of the judicial system that some criminals guilty of capital offenses go free? That’s where I come in."

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