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Carmen's New York Escape by Nikki Sex

Carmen's New York Escape

by Nikki Sex

(book two)

**WARNING:  Explicit Material For Audiences 18+**

My Review:

Carmen's New York  Escape is book two in a three book set (which can be purchased as a trilogy/box set with the link below).  If you haven't already, read my review for book one, Carmen's New York Climax HERE.  With all that being said, let's move on to the scoop for book two.

At the end of book one, Carmen went from being completely ecstatic over the connection she had with Kurt (aka "Thor, god of thunderous orgasms") to realizing that he had been expecting someone else in his hotel room that day and of course, as she has done much of her life, she runs.

Book two starts off with Kurt completely lost as to what really is going on with Carmen.  He finds a woman that is so compatible to him on so many levels, not just physically, and in the blink of an eye she is gone.  Kurt uses what resources he has (including his mentor Andre Chevalier) to find Carmen.  Meanwhile, Carmen is on the run.

As we learn about Carmen's history and why she fears her ex, we step in to a very dark and disturbed world.  Many reviewers have commented on how difficult this part of the story was for them to read.  The truth is, it is deeply disturbing.  Another truth is that BDSM isn't just about sex, it is about mental and spiritual connection between a Dom and sub; complete trust, honesty and understanding.  When we learn better about Carmen's past, we understand better about the difference between depravity and a beautiful, consensual D/s relationship.  Carmen's ex was simply SICK.  Robert, (the ex), in my opinion borders on a psychopath's level of control and manipulation.   

Kurt is pretty much Robert's polar opposite and Carmen knows she is safe in his arms, under his control.  But, it's not just Kurt and Robert looking for her.  It's also the DEA.  And possibly the Mexican Mafia. She fears that if anyone finds her, she will end up back in a cage, hidden in Robert's basement, chained and used for his greedy desires.  Carmen is clever and realizes someone's following her.  Despite her urge to run, she reaches out to Kurt to accept the help he offers.  If anyone can help her, it has to be him.

By the end of book two, Carmen and Kurt are once again wrapped in each other's arms.  There are still many things that Kurt does not know, but Carmen is his and he is willing to help her, protect her and keep her in his life.  Book three, Carmen's New York Love will wrap up the story and tie up all the loose ends.  I look forward to a HEA for Carmen.  Ms. Sex has created a powerful, emotional story that is hot and steamy.

Please note:  this it book TWO of a three book set!! 


The Story Continues in Part Two of “Carmen’s New York”

Kurt Nielsen, New York's most eligible bachelor, found the perfect woman in Carmen Wilson. Generous, sexually compatible, smart and funny - what they had together was more than sex. It was like magic. Surely she felt it too?

Well he thought so... until Carmen ran away.

Now Kurt is turning the city upside down to find her.

But Kurt's not the only one searching for her. Two Federal Agents and her violent, obsessive ex boyfriend who kept her chained in his basement for four months also want to get their hands on the vivacious Carmen.

Carmen would love to be with Kurt – but he is way out of her league. She has too many secrets - terrible secrets that might make him despise her. How could she possibly reveal them to him?

With so many things to run from, will Carmen make her escape?

Or will she run straight into Kurt Nielsen's arms?

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I found the perfect woman, he thought. And then I immediately lost her. Generous, sexually compatible, smart and funny. What we had together was more than sex. It was like magic. Surely she felt it too?
"That is an oui, alright," Kurt said. "I have had good sex with lots of women, André, but this one just did it for me on so many levels. She's smart and sexy and funny. I want to explore what I feel for her, and when I find her I want to bring her to you. We should have a ménage together just for fun. Carmen would be up for it, I bet. I'd really like to know what you think of her."



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