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Alone with the Pastor By Bella Vaughan

Alone with the Pastor

(Pleasures of Sin)

By Bella Vaughan

Bethany is a nineteen year old living with her strict parents.  More so her mother than father.  Under the illusions that sexual pleasures are forbidden and sinful, Bethany gets caught by her mother, indulging herself.  To heal her daughter of this sinful behavior, Bethany's mother takes her to their single, attractive Pastor.  His methods for healing her are not exactly what Bethany expects and if her mother found out, she'd be mortified.  The young pastor works with her to overcome temptations.  Bethany soon experiences far more in his counsel than she ever imagined.

It is a good short story, tapping in to the angst of being a young woman under the strict rule of a parent.  The content is hot and the pace is fairly quick.  For readers that don't realize it, pastors are not bound to a vow of celibacy, unlike priests.  This story is similar to those of headmasters, teachers or other persons of authority being in a position to indulge in their sexual fantasies.  If you like such story lines, you will enjoy Ms. Vaughn's Alone with the Pastor.

A note to readers:  There is a cliffhanger of sorts when Bethany's best friend seeks the Pastor for her own 'counseling.'

Bethany has a dirty secret. Her pious and God-fearing mother found a dirty magazine in her bedroom.

Worse, she caught Bethany masturbating under the covers. Even worse, she told the new pastor. Pastor Blaine.

Now Bethany has to attend a counseling session with the handsome 30 year-old, could it get any worse? It could, but just maybe it could get a lot better, especially if the Pastor has his own problems with temptation...

Bella Vaughan, in her breakout story "Alone with the Pastor", part one of Pleasures of Sin series, will take you on a sensual and erotic journey that you will not forget in a hurry.

Warning: This 10,000 word erotic story contains hot scenes of reluctant fingering, deflowering, taboo sex, masturbation, oral sex, and virgin sex and is intended for adults only! All characters are age over 18.


The touch of the Pastor's hands upon her began to affect the nineteen year-old more now and she could feel herself becoming moist. She could not help it, his fingers left a line of fire wherever they ran over her soft skin, and by the time they made their way back to the swell of her bosom she was hoping they would linger there.  They did. For just a moment, before she felt the fingers grasp the top of each of the bra cups and pull them down, revealing her erect nipples.

Reflexively, Bethany opened her eyes and covered herself with her hands.
"Yes?" she whispered.
"I know this seems strange, but I need you to be adult about this, put your hands down please."
She shook her head. It just didn't seem right.
"Bethany, do I have to call your mother in here and tell her how long this has been going on? How long you've been thinking about boys and touching yourself like a harlot?"
"No please don't!"
"Fine, then you must do as I ask, I promise it won't hurt." With that he grasped her hands gently and forced them down to her sides, once again revealing her soft breasts..."

A copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review

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