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Hook's Pan by Marie Hall

Hook's Pan (Kingdom Series, Book: 5)

*Mature Audience Recommended.  Contains sexual scenes*

My Review:

Hook's Pan is the fifth book in the Kingdom Series by Marie Hall.  I first came across the series when I found Gerard's Beauty, a twist on Beauty and the Beast.  At that point, I was hooked on Ms. Hall's writing style.  I have always loved fairy tales, and the twists that she created made me drool, blush, laugh and reconsider just how many fairy tales are what we think they are.  ;)

So, I went through the series, grabbing Her Mad Hatter, Red and Her Wolf and Jinni's Wish.  I don't think I read them in order, but I do know that I love the series.  Each book, including Hook's Pan, is definitely a stand-alone, which is enhanced if you have read the other stories. 

When I read this book, everything came together.  The last of the Bad Five, James Hook is in the hands of his fairy godmother, Danika.  Having once loved and lost, he's become almost as vicious as the tales have made him out to be over the past one hundred years.  In this version of "Peter Pan", Hook isn't nearly as bad (or as ugly) as mortals have made him out to be.  Peter and Tink, on the other hand, are far worse.

I absolutely loved this book, loved the series and truly hope to see more of the Kingdom soon.  Like, maybe a little Hunstman or Smee action.  *wink*


Trishelle Page has known pain in her life, but instead of it making her weak, she's stronger. Confident. That is until the day a fairy kidnaps her during her staring role in Peter Pan's play and tells her not only do fairy tales exist, but that she's the soulmate of the pirate they call Hook, making her question everything she ever thought she knew.

Captain James Hook is a man at the end of his rope. He's not the villainous bastard tales have made him out to be. So when the curvaceous blonde drops literally at his feet, he aims to prove it to her. If only to get her into his bed.

What neither one knows is that fate and magic are conspiring and they can deny the attraction all they want but their happily ever after is already written, it's just a matter of getting there.

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“Good Lord,” Danika breathed heavily, breaking their eye contact, forcing Trisha to finally look away and breathe around the giant ball of heat sliding up the back of her throat. “I hope you don’t plan to eat the girl, Hook. The way you look at her, ‘tis enough to make me mourn my younger days.”

She sighed, her face looking sad. “Several lifetimes worth of memories are locked deep, deep inside. But I must warn you, Hook, the maiden you loved, she is long gone. Each life left an indelible mark, but Trishelle—for that is her name now—is your mate.”

She wasn’t sure what she might have been about to say, because in that second she felt him. Hook. He was looking at her and she lost her words, because his look was almost a touch—a silent caress that left her speechless. How could that man affect her like this?

Tearing the stem in half, he lifted his brows. “No. Definitely not. Which is why I’m in no rush to head back to the ship. Aboard the vessel I have to be someone else. Someone they respect and fear. And while I enjoy the perks of the job, always being on is exhausting. With you I don’t feel the need to be anyone other than myself. The good, the bad, and the ugly.”

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A Little Bit of Deja Vu

A Little Bit of Deja Vu
(Book One of The Return to Redemption Series)
By Laurie Kellogg

My Review

I grabbed this book during the first of its two day free promo and read it non-stop...then turned around and recommended it to everyone I knew!  Yes, that's how much I liked it.  :)

This particular story gave me my own sense of Deja Vu since I was 17 when I conceived my oldest child AND got married because of it. 

I loved the characters and the two generations coming together the way that they did.   They dealt with a myriad of emotions and situations that kept me engaged the entire time.  I also liked that old wounds had the chance to be healed and that everyone was able to move forward in their lives, despite the series of events that took place.

Wonderfully written...I found myself laughing out loud at some parts, tearing at others and overall going to bed with happy feelings once I had finished.  I read it straight through in one (long) sitting.  :)

If you are hesitant about teenage sex, abortions and the like, this may not be a perfect fit for you. However, I found that it was a very real storyline and liked the way it all came together.

Highly recommended!


Margie Bradford is picking up the pieces of her shattered life following her husband's death. When her cousin encourages her to make a fresh start with her teenage daughter, unsuspecting Margie takes a reading specialist job in the small town of Redemption, PA. The last person she expects to encounter is Rocket Manion, the ex-NFL quarterback and Dr. Phil wannabe who broke her heart nineteen years ago. Strangling her meddling cousin is now at the top of Margie's to-do list.

Divorced teacher and head football coach Jake Manion experiences an eerie sense of déjà vu when his son announces he's gotten his girlfriend pregnant. The feeling simply grows stronger when Jake learns the girl's mother is Maggie, the same woman on whom he's wasted nearly two decades of bitterness.

While planning their kids' wedding and helping them grow up too soon, Jake attempts to pick up right where he left off--in Margie's bed. But no matter how irresistible his kisses are, she isn't stupid enough to let him hurt her again. Or is she?


“You know, Dad, it’s easy for you to lecture me and your classes about abstinence when the only breasts you’ve touched in years were from KFC. I’m not a monk like you. I can’t kiss Emma and not get turned on.”

"She moaned softly into his mouth, her tongue timidly following his in a sensual dance that gave his stomach the same peculiar weightless feeling as the parachute ride at Six Flags. The difference being, at the amusement park, his gut inevitably hit bottom, whereas Maggie’stentative kiss made him feel as if he’d drunk liquid helium instead of beer.

When he reluctantly drew back from sampling her sweetness, her eyes glistened like cut glass. “Ohhh, Jake,” she breathed out his name like a prayer. “Thank you.” “You’re very welcome.” He smiled, amused by her reverent gratitude. He should be thanking her for showing him how much was missing in his relationship with Roxanne. A man should feel this kind of out-of-control passion for the woman he planned to marry, shouldn’t he?"

Monday, April 8, 2013

Become Lost In Words

What do we mean "lost in words"? 

Simply put, reading a story that grips your heart, makes your pulse race and perhaps even invades your dreams.  To become a part of a family, a community or social setting that is unlike "real life."

I love to read books.  I love a wide variety of stories...although Romance has to be my favorite.  What I love most is when I laugh, or cry, with the characters.  When the author paints a picture that I can almost see; scents I can almost smell.

I read a lot of books and always want to share them with others.  I want others to enjoy the stories as I have and to feel the emotions I have.  So, what better way to do that then to create a blog that features books and reviews? 

I already have a ton of reviews on Amazon/Kindle, but that is only one way to help.  If you know about the book, the reviews will help you decide if you want to make the purchase.  If there is one central place where people can learn about new books and authors they don't know...more people will find out.

Why am I doing this?  Well, because I am an author first, and know the power of reviews.  Also, I have been blessed to find many books thans to blogs such as this.  And, I want to help other authors (especially Indie) spread the word about their stories.

I hope that you enjoy your time here.  I will also keep a list of other book blogs/review blogs on the side bar so that you can keep finding stories to help you escape "real life" and Become Lost In Words...