Monday, April 8, 2013

Become Lost In Words

What do we mean "lost in words"? 

Simply put, reading a story that grips your heart, makes your pulse race and perhaps even invades your dreams.  To become a part of a family, a community or social setting that is unlike "real life."

I love to read books.  I love a wide variety of stories...although Romance has to be my favorite.  What I love most is when I laugh, or cry, with the characters.  When the author paints a picture that I can almost see; scents I can almost smell.

I read a lot of books and always want to share them with others.  I want others to enjoy the stories as I have and to feel the emotions I have.  So, what better way to do that then to create a blog that features books and reviews? 

I already have a ton of reviews on Amazon/Kindle, but that is only one way to help.  If you know about the book, the reviews will help you decide if you want to make the purchase.  If there is one central place where people can learn about new books and authors they don't know...more people will find out.

Why am I doing this?  Well, because I am an author first, and know the power of reviews.  Also, I have been blessed to find many books thans to blogs such as this.  And, I want to help other authors (especially Indie) spread the word about their stories.

I hope that you enjoy your time here.  I will also keep a list of other book blogs/review blogs on the side bar so that you can keep finding stories to help you escape "real life" and Become Lost In Words...

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